New Project – Ask Nicely Podcast

Starting in January 2021, I will be starting a podcast with one of my friends Gillian. We started this podcast to talk about us going through graduate life and what comes after university. Having already recorded a few episodes, here are a few items of note that I have learned through this process.

As easy as you might think it would be to click record, upload, and post, I have come to learn it is not as easy as that. Editing for length and content is a crucial part of the podcasting process. Gillian and I are both people who can be clear and concise, but when you get us on a topic we are passionate about, then we can talk at length. The editing process is not always the easiest, and depending on the software you are using, it can be tricky to learn. Not saying it is impossible, but make time and be kind to yourself if it does not end up working perfectly the first time around.

All the additional “materials” that come with starting a podcast or business. To create awareness surrounding something new, be prepared to make associated social media accounts, copywriting for podcast descriptions & social media, create graphics, and communicate with potential guests. This comes with the freedom for creativity to find a way to increase your reach.

Find the right mic for recording. There is nothing wrong with using the headphones you currently have, but it boosts you professionally when you use a microphone. I am not saying to go out and buy the most expensive one on the market, but if you do get one, find one in your price range and research the ones on the market. I bought a Samson Go Mic, which is small and user-friendly. You can find it here on Amazon.

Although both Gillian and I will learn more throughout this process, those are the three items of note that I have learned so far. Stay tuned for the first week of January when we release our first episode.

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